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Do something different this year and spend New Years Eve 2017 in Chiang Mai Thailand. Often referred to as Thailand’s “Rose of the North”, located on a plain surrounded by beautiful mountains and tranquil lush green landscapes. While being much more peaceful than Bangkok, Chiang Mai still manages a cosmopolitan atmosphere, blended with deep historical roots, and is home to a significant number of expats.

Amazing Ancient Hotels in Chiang MaiBack to Nature While Enjoy Luxurious HotelSmile for Welcoming You

Amazing Ancient Hotels in Chiang Mai

Back to Nature While Enjoy Luxurious Hotel

Smile for Welcoming You

Countdown, Parties and Fireworks New Years Eve 2017 in Chiang Mai

Modern day Chiang Mai has branched out in all directions, especially towards the east and Ping River where the legendary Night Bazaar and the majority of Chiang Mai’s hotels are located. Ping River’s music venues are another reason to spend New Years Eve in Chiang Mai. The area along Ping River’s east bank is famous for its rock, pop, Thai, country western and jazz live music venues, as well as restaurants serving Chinese, Thai and Western cuisine. You can expect that the celebrations taking place in these areas and beyond on NYE 2017 in Chiang Mai will be as remarkable as the surroundings, typically including the bars near Thanon Ratwithi, Thanon Moon Muana, and Thanon Nimmanhemin where the locals enjoy hanging out.

Chiang Mai Riverside HotelsPing River Night BazaarRiverside Resorts in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Riverside Hotels

Ping River Night Bazaar

Wonderful Riverside Resorts in Chiang Mai

Loi Kroh Rd is the heart of the city’s best nightlife venues and the perfect place to spend New Year Eve 2017 in Chiang Mai. If you listen to the locals, they’ll tell you that to truly experience Chiang Mai you need to enjoy a bowl of savory kao soi, purchase a Bo Sang umbrella (cultural icons), and check out the views from Doi Suthep on New Years Eve.
Kao SoiBo sang Umbrella FestivalDoi Suthep

Kao Soi

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival

Doi Suthep

Chiang Mai’s Riverside Restaurant will also be an exceptional place to spend New Years Eve. The restaurant starts the evening off with a delicious dinner and soft music, changing later in the evening to rock and pop tunes, and there’s a full bar serving beer, wine, and cocktails. In addition, the Riverside offers a dinner cruises and they’ll probably have a special New Years Eve cruise lined up as well.
Beattie Gang - Old Chiang Mai Cultural CentreEnjoy Elephant Ride Chiang MaiTiger Kingdom Chiang Mai
Beattie Gang - Old Chiang Mai Cultural CentreEnjoy Elephant Ride Chiang MaiTiger Kingdom Chiang Mai
The North Gate the perfect place to party on Chiang Mai New Years Eve 2017 if you want to hang out with the younger expat community. You can expect great jazz performances, as well as a mixed bag of music genres sure to suit every preference. Popular drinks in Chiang Mai include mojitos (and other cocktails), white and red wine.
Firework Festival 2015 in Chiang MaiNew Years Eve 2015 Lantern Festival New Years Dance with the Girls

Firework Festival NYE 2015 Chiang Mai

Lantern Festival NYE 2015 Chiang Mai

Dance with the Girls NYE 2015 Chiang Mai

A traditional celebration that awes locals and visitors alike every year, and will again on New Year in Chiang Mai, is the release of countless candle lit lanterns into the beautiful night’s sky. Everyone stops what they’re doing to watch them float up towards the heavens, hovering little incredible stars, seeming to carry New Years Eve hopes and dreams with them; it’s a truly incredible sight that comes close to out shining the fireworks that follow.

Best Luxury Hotels in Chiang Mai and Accommodations New Years Eve 2017 in Chiang Mai

There are wide a variety of outstanding hotel options in Chiang Mai to consider from the budget friendly to the luxurious. Some fantastic options are the Chang Thai House, the Imm Hotel Thaphae, and Chiang Mai Boutique House.

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Have a nice Holiday and Be Ready for New Years Eve Chiang Mai 2017